Chapter 665: Kotohira Trip Base Kotori

This was one of the locations where the shuttle bus will pick up people to go visit Chichibugahama. I had made my reservation online and was very excited!! The Kotohira Trip Base Kotori is a cosy little place where a lot of tourist goto for tourist information, and a brilliant, cosy and cute coffee stop!

They offer plenty of services from kimono/yukata rentals to booking tours. I was greeted by a lovely lady when I entered, and I quickly ordered an ice coffee, then she confirmed my name on the booking list, she offered me a booklet about the beeches and other suggestions of wonderful places.

Unfortunately as I was only planning to visit Chichibugahama, I couldn’t visit more areas due to time restrictions. But in the future I’d love to come back and explore. The people here are so nice, there was an elderly lady who popped, she spoke English and said she’s from America, she asked for Onsen places in the area, the lady at the till quickly directed her to a nearby one.

This trip base really is a trip base for tourists! Plus, it’s only 8 mins away from the Kotohira Station by foot. In the future I’d love to come back to Kotohira and spend more time exploring the town and nearly areas.


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