Chapter 669: Hyper Japan July 2019 (ハイパージャパン)

Hyper Japan July 2019 (ハイパージャパン)

After a long week of work and suffering under the humid heat…My sister and I went to the Hyper Japan Event today. Hyper Japan is probably UK’s largest Japanese culture event that is held per year in London. I have previously attended the event twice before but it was along time ago.

The venue here at the Olympia had good air con, which is VERY important because there’s a lot of people inside. They had a lot of fan art shops on the second floor, anime and manga merchandise is all around but I didn’t think they had a good variety, mainly showcasing the mainstream popular series. However, I really wanted to go to test out the demo of the new Pokemon game, Sword and Shield at the Nintendo booth. And, it was GOOD! I desperately want to get the game as soon as possible!! Plus there was a Pokemon talk event.

The food court is on the second floor, and they had some Japanese street food, drinks and desserts available with a food show towards the back. We had some Okonomiyaki, and Takoyaki, but the line was 15 minutes long so we were hungry and munched on the Takoyaki balls straight away and forgot the take pic. We also had some drinks, my sister had Matcha Ice, and I picked out from a different store, a yummy ice fruit juice that had passionfruit, apples, and oranges.

When I was younger I loved cosplaying for fun, seeing so many people cosplay made me feel…sort…of…old and outdated. I loved wearing sailor uniforms, maid outfits, I did Kuroko from Kuroko No Basuke, Kasumi / Misty from Pokemon, Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku…But, as I got older I didn’t have the same energy. However it’s always fun to see people enjoy it.

Overall, it was a good day!!


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