Chapter 678: Takamatsu to Tokushima (高松から徳島まで)

Takamatsu to Tokushima (高松から徳島まで)

I took the JR Uzushio Limited Express Tokushima Train (うずしお 特急 うずしお 徳島行) from Takamatsu, the duration was only about an hour one way with no changes so I was able to relax on the train with some good air-con and happy music in my ears. I fell asleep during the journey because it was so cosy.

I had a JR Pass so it covered for the journey, but if you don’t then one way will cost 3360 Yen on the Limited Express. But if you’re not in a rush you take the local line (The Kotoku Line) which will cost 1460 Yen instead. And of course there is a middle option where you can take the highway bus from Takamatsu Station which will get you to Tokushima in about 1hr and 20 mins, and it’ll cost 2150 Yen one way.

You see, originally I was planning to visit Naruto and Shodoshima instead but that didn’t happen, so I changed the plans to do a day trip to Tokushima and visit Oboke the following day before zooming off to the city of Nagoya. This sometimes happens with plans, but it was all good!! Just look at that countryside of Shikoku!! It reminded me a bit of Hokkaido.


One thought on “Chapter 678: Takamatsu to Tokushima (高松から徳島まで)

  1. I spent some time in Tokushima a few years ago. Oboke and the Iya Valley, if I remember correctly, was not so close. It was beautiful up in the mountains. Each mountainside seems to have their own little village. There is a town of scarecrows in the area. Not that close, but very interesting to see. The amount of scarecrows outnumber the people in the village.

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