Chapter 682: Awa Odori Museum (阿波おどりミュージアム)

Awa Odori Museum (阿波おどりミュージアム)

One of the places I visited was: The Awa Odori Kaikan which is the building to goto for not only the Museum (3F), but the performance hall (2F), and the ropeway up to Mt. Bizan (5F)…I bought the 3 set ticket that allowed me to experience all! The price was 1820 Yen per adult. The museum is small but very informative.

It had all the cool instruments and clothing, it also had a section of mini dolls portraying the the Awa Odori Festival!! In the corner there was a 3D Video where you get to learn about the history. Tokushima is indeed full of rich culture and uniqueness. I absolutely love this museum and had so much fun exploring.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 682: Awa Odori Museum (阿波おどりミュージアム)

  1. I also visited there. I ended up meeting a pilgrim there and we had dinner together. It was interesting to learn how the dance evolved from something slower and more like a Bon Dance to the high energy performance dance it is today.

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