Chapter 684: Mount Bizan (眉山)

Mount Bizan (眉山)

I finally arrived at the summit of Mt. Bizan. The name means ‘Eyebrow Mountain’ It is home to the beautiful panoramic view of Tokushima City!

I really enjoy going up mountains and viewing breathtaking scenery, it’s extremely exciting and relaxing at the same time whilst you forget about dull life. I arrived around afternoon time and it was a very sunny hot day!! It wasn’t busy at all, and I was very lucky that it was practically empty and could steal away the lovely view.

You will find some padlocks, some new and some rusty. It’s called the Lovers Spot. The fence is for couples to come here and vow to love each other forever, making this mountain a popular place for dating. Pretty romantic if you’re into that kind of thing. At the summit there is also a big white building which is the Veteran’s Memorial Pagoda.

I had a lot of fun here and loved the view so much!!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 684: Mount Bizan (眉山)

  1. The scenery is breahtaking! It looks like a marvellous place to visit for the surroundings and also a bit of culture and history.


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