Chapter 686: Awa Odori Anime Vending Machine

You know what?

I want a vending machine in my home that has cute anime characters on it!! Found this in the Awa Odori Kaikan! You just can’t get away from them when you’re in Japan! I got so used to them being so conveniently placed almost everywhere, I felt sad when couldn’t find a single one in other countries. I think it’s just easier to insert a coin or use your IC card to get a quick hot or cold drink. When I was in Hachinohe and it was heavily raining all day, then snow decided to fall and I had no umbrella…and I was drenched….

….a hot milk tea from a vending machine literally saved my life!!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 686: Awa Odori Anime Vending Machine

  1. Strange as it may sound, Japanese vending machines are one of the things I’m looking forward to when I go back to Japan next month. In 2017 I went nuts trying out all of these different drinks I had never heard of before.

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  2. I’ve seen custom graphics on vending machines in a few places. The cat shrine in Setagaya has maneki neko art all over the machines on the temple grounds. One thing is for sure, you’re never going to go thirsty in Japan.

    I could totally go for a Pocari Sweat right now.

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