Chapter 691: 7-Eleven Soba, Warabimochi and Yakult

All 3 had become a favourite of mine.

I was very lucky that the 7-Eleven store was only a few mins walk away from my hotel, my feet were very swollen by this point and needed a good nights rest before another day of exploration!

Soba is delicious no matter in a restaurant or from a shop, I remember having it for the very first time in 2016 and lets just say I didn’t like it as much, but later on the flavours grew on me and slowly I became very addicted to it…Especially when the weather becomes hot and humid, I just want something cold and not too heavy.

Warabimochi in vanilla flavour is so tasty!! Not too sweet and very very yummy. You just can’t go wrong with mochi anyway…But this type of mochi was very delicate and melty. I always end up with a handful of times per year with stomach problems, and need to run to get either Yakult, Yogurt, Yogurt and more recently I have been trying all sorts of flavours of Kombucha….All that contains the good bacteria I need!!


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