Chapter 692: Takamatsu Station to Oboke


I had a very early start because my day was made up of travelling from Takamatsu > Oboke > Nagoya. I had hired a taxi to take me around Oboke so I can explore the beautiful countryside!! The company I was using is called (Kazurabashi Taxi) and the prices were decent compared to other parts of Japan where it hurts my wallet.

You can pick out a custom tour and they will quote you on the time it takes from start to finish. I decided to start as early as possible, with the first train out I would arrive around 7: 30am to get a head start to see: The Peeing Boy Statue, Kazurabashi Vine Bridge, Biwa Waterfall, Ochiai Historic Village, Ochiai Village Viewpoint, Nagoro Scarecrow Village, Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge and go on a lovely afternoon cruise called: the Gorge Pleasure Boat Cruise. Which all in all would come to: 26750 yen for 8 hours.

I was very excited and it was the highlight of my day!! My feet were feeling a lot better and the swelling cooled down after a foot bath and a nights worth of good sleep! The first direct train out was at 6:04 am towards Nakamura and I made it without fail! Had my luggage too!! Which was fine since I could leave my luggage in the taxi! Also, because it was the early train, it was very empty and quiet.

Journey away!!


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