Chapter 693: Iya Valley, Hinoji Valley (祖谷渓・ひの字渓谷)

Iya Valley, Hinoji Valley (祖谷渓・ひの字渓谷)

Iya Valley is located in a remote part of the western prefecture of Tokushima. The mountainous valley is one of Japan’s scenic areas, famous for its vine bridges and beautiful nature. When you arrive you will come across the Iya River that flows like the hiragana letter ひ hi, giving it the name Hinoji Valley in Iya Valley. The area is literally surrounded by beautiful steep and iconic looking mountains, not to mention…As we drove through the day I realized there were many many tunnels…. It was a very refreshing experience and felt so happy to be able to get away from the cities and towns and enter into the forever green.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 693: Iya Valley, Hinoji Valley (祖谷渓・ひの字渓谷)

  1. There is a very famous onsen there that has a tram you take to go down to the river where the onsen is. Did you go there? There is also a scarecrow village. Did you get there?

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      1. Actually, when I went to the scarecrow village the villagers were all gathered at the community center. They were making scarecrows. The lady who started the whole thing was there and I got to meet her

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