Chapter 695: Iya Kazurabashi Vine Bridge (祖谷かずら橋)

Iya Kazurabashi Vine Bridge (祖谷かずら橋)

A long long time ago, vine bridges were built for the local people of Iya Valley to cross rivers. There’s currently only 13 vine bridges left in Iya Valley, and Kazurabashi is the most popular and longest one.

It stretches 45 metres across the river and it was an amazing first-time experience. I was slightly scared but it was fun at the same time. The water below was so clear and beautiful, when I reached the middle of the bridge, it gave me a lovely view of the rocky valley disappearing off into the distance of the green mountains.

To cross the bridge it costs 550 yen, you can grab your ticket at a small wooden booth before the entrance. It’s opened sunrise to sunset and it lights up in evening. It was well-worth it and I was very happy that I managed to get here, and …I just love being in pure peace and quietness!! It was an experience I will never forget! The bridge is maintained every few years so it is safe and I would definitely recommend visiting at least once in your life!


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