Chapter 698: The Hidden Village of the Nagoro Scarecrows (名頃 かかしの里 )

The Hidden Village of the Nagoro Scarecrows (名頃 かかしの里 )

Nestled in Iya-Valley, Tokushima. Lives a small village called Nagoro (also known as the Doll Village or Scarecrow Village). Thanks to Ayano Tsukimi, the artist behind the hundreds of realistic scarecrows. Although a very quiet village, the place did feel like it was alive with eyes everywhere.

As the population of the village continues to shrink, the artist resumes creating more and more life-sized dolls at her workshop. I got a chance to meet Ayano Tsukimi who was in the middle of working on a new doll, she is a very cheerful and wonderful person, doing her best to bring life back to the village she once remembered when she was young. Not only that, she is helping the village by attracting international tourism.

Some may think, cute! but some may think creepy. For me I thought it was very cute, especially the scarecrows dressed in kimono! I had a lovely time here and would definitely recommend visiting Nagoro. Again, it is a very rural part of Tokushima and if you don’t drive, the next best thing it to hire a taxi.



11 thoughts on “Chapter 698: The Hidden Village of the Nagoro Scarecrows (名頃 かかしの里 )

  1. I imagine it veers more toward creepy at night. Can you imagine not knowing anything about the village and stumbling in at night after you’ve been in a car accident or something and need help? Now that would be freaky!

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  2. I found it rather creepy when I was there. Maybe because many of the villagers were at the community center so there was nobody on the streets.

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