Chapter 700: Ochiai Village Observation Spot (落合集落展望所)

Ochiai Village Observation Spot (落合集落展望所)

On the opposite side of the Ochiai Village is the observation spot where you are greeted by an amazing view!!

The village itself is located on a steep slope hill. Some houses were built during the Edo period and early Showa period of Japan.

Under the wooden rest area there is a family of scarecrows, including a Snoopy / Peanut plushie! There are public toilets available here for you to freshen up.

I’ve actually never seen a village like this before. You hardly see anyone around and it’s so relaxing and peaceful. It was such a wonderful view and a breath of fresh air!!


12 thoughts on “Chapter 700: Ochiai Village Observation Spot (落合集落展望所)

      1. Hmmmmmm it’s so difficult but if I had to only go to one place…. Sapporo!!!! It’s my favourite city!!! I’m sure you’ll love visiting again!!!!! It’s such a a wonderful country to travel in ❤️

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      2. I have some posts up of my trip to Hokkaido last year. The food is amazing, ramen butter corn is heaven!!!! The little alley way called ramen street, u must go! The Mutton is delicious, very tender and flavourful, Hokkaido yubari melon is the best!! Sapporo has otaru just 30-45 mins away by train, they have a sushi street that does amazing seafood dishes!! It’s a port town and famous for its canal … little Venice like. Sapporo is about 4 hours via train away Hakodate and I loooooooove the seafood market there!!! Sweetest sea urchin I have ever had. From Sapporo you. An also go to biei and furano famous for flowers and lavender, lavender ice cream and soda and cake!! From Sapporo I can go to many places!! Even skiing in niseko or noboribetsu to see a steamy volcano!! Lakes and nature… in winter Hokkaido is a snow heaven. And I’m usually early feb or late jan Sapporo will have an ice festival with massive ice statues!!!! ❤️

        They also have kamui and shakotan, coast and cape just so lovely during warm weather!!!



      1. I’m so weak for good food. It’s one thing I both look forward to and dread about going to Japan because I know I’m going to eat a lot haha.

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  1. I don’t know if you know this, but a foreign Japanese national runs a bed and breakfast near the top. I had considered staying there, but opted for another mountainside village which used an abandoned school building as a BNB. I rented a car and drove from
    Tokushima city to the Iya Valley. Ochiai is one of many hillside villages you will see

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