Chapter 702: Old Samurai Residence-Kitake (武家屋敷旧喜多家)

Old Samurai Residence-Kitake (武家屋敷旧喜多家)

Up through the hills and windy roads…I arrived at the Old Samurai House! No, no one lives here it’s turned into a small museum. It is the largest Samurai house in Iya Valley and it was built in 1763. You have the cooking area in the middle of the house, 2 rooms with tatami mats and a lovely front view sitting area. There is also a huge trunk, a member of staff said it’s called a Glory Box (グローリーボックス), plus a basement where people use to store food. The experience of entering such an old house was very interesting, like stepping back in time. The thatched rooftop reminded me of Shiragawa-Go. And the entire home is well maintained!


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