Chapter 705: Snippets of Summer Break in Paris Day 1

La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre
I remembered it being much bigger, but then again I was only 6/7 when I first visited Sacré Cœur.
I love this kind of architecture, it’s so elegant and pretty.
There was a service at the time we arrived and photo’s weren’t allowed after a certain point. We lit candles and made a wish!
The endless locks…
A lovely view from the front entrance of the church
Amorino Mango Smoothie
Arc de Triomphe
It was actually my first time seeing the Arc de Triomphe close up.
Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité
It was a spontaneous visit as we were heading off to the tower.
Eiffel Tower
It was a very hot and humid day!
The security was very tight compared to the last time I visited the tower.
We walked up almost all the way
The view was amazing, I love going up to tall places!
I felt like a chicken in the oven at this point, it was so hot!!
We were going to head up this way after the tower…The fountains!!
After we came down from the tower, we were bombarded by the street sellers…Paris street sellers are aggressive! Trying to sell us souvenirs and endless stuff. It’s one of the things I dislike about the city, there’s just way too many pushy sellers, one even followed us across the street. But at least our memories of the view from above was a good experience.
We had crêpe! I decided on the speculoos spread which was very addictive and taste like cinnamon. My friend was obsessed with this spread.
We waiting for night fall…
The lights turned on and it was sparkling!!
An iconic view of the tower at night. It was a long and tiring first day, and we walked so much!


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