Chapter 706: Snippets of Summer Break in Paris Day 2

In the morning we went to Galeries Lafayette
A shopping all with an amazing architecture.
I had a passion fruit flavoured macaroon. Not my favourite kind of sweets but still tasty.
Academie Nationale de Musique
I was here last year too when I was getting the subway to see the Sailor Moon Musical…
Pyramide du Louvre, we didn’t go inside as the was long and not everyone in the group wanted to pay for a ticket.
My first escargot dish, and it was ok, it wasn’t delicious but a good starter before my main, one of my friends tried 1 and wasn’t impressed. My other friend was just judging me the whole time as she watched me eat it all.
My friend had lamb steak.
My other friend has calamari, which looked like fried won ton to me.
My friend also ordered a side of rice.
This was my main, pain fried sea bass with lemon sauce. It came with rice on the bottom. The lemon was sweet and sour and made good combination of flavours. The sea bass was very soft, tender and delicious and I really enjoy this dish!!
Catacombes de Paris
One of my friends decided not to go in because she said she was scared so it was just me and my friend from Spain. The line took ridiculously LONG. We waiting 2 hours to get inside. But it was well worth it. Skulls everywhere and it was fascinating!
Heart of Skulls
There’s such an overwhelming about of human bones, all stacked up neatly forming endless walls.
The temperature down here was so cool and lovely compared to the upstairs world, although it was a little damp.
The barrel of bones! I imagined this to be much bigger as I saw many pictures online. But it was still very big and impressive.
After the underground trip, it was time for some smoothie. I opted for the Melon pop flavour and my friend had tropical. Then we were on our way to find other friend who said she’ll be waiting.
We were heading out to get crepe again but this time is was at a famous store…called, Au P’tit Grec. On the way I noticed a big stick of NIFFLER from Fantastic Beasts!
The line was long again and we waiting about 15 mins…2 of us has the savoury kind and my other friend had the sweet one. The gentleman serving us was multilingual and spoke many languages. My crepe was the Turkey with egg, cheese and lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms! It was turned out to be massive compared to my friends crepes!
Notre-Dame de Paris, it was under construction so the entire area was almost closed off. But you can still catch a good view of it from the side.
It was a beautiful sunset to end the long day as we returned back to the hotel to get some rest before the flight to Barcelona!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 706: Snippets of Summer Break in Paris Day 2

  1. Haaa escargots… I miss them so much… :p
    I lived on the street that leads to the Opéra Garnier (Academie Nationale de Musique) for a year. This monument is quite something.

    Thanks for sharing your trip in Paris.

    Liked by 1 person

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