Chapter 707: Snippets of Summer Break in Barcelona Day 1

From Paris Orly Airport to Barcelona Airport took about 1 hour and 45 mins. I had the window seat!! Which I usually would prefer if it’s a short haul flight, whereas during long haul flights I’m more of an aisle / edge seater because I want to freely walk around without waking someone up, but I’m happy to get up for someone else. The weather was looking amazing, bright and very hot. My friends fell asleep very quickly whilst I was wide awake!
After dropping our bags at my friends place, we went off exploring a little before dinner. We had to head off to the pharmacy first because one of my friends had really bad heat rash and needed some skin cream. The shop was just across the road from Casa Milà.
Closely located is the Casa Batlló.
Casa Batlló, has such beautiful architecture. The colours and windows…All looks like something straight out of a fairytale book!
Next door is the Casa Amatller.
We took lovely long stroll around the busy streets, and we noticed Zara, Mango and H&M everywhere!!
We found a decent looking restaurant nearby and popped in! Just look at the menu! I’m greedy and wanted to try everything. We ordered a few dishes to try and share.
Manchego La Mancha, smooth cheese made from sheep milk! Tasted delicious and I’m a huge cheese fan.
Tortilla Española, the Spanish omelette that fooled me into thinking it was a slice of cake. Made from eggs, potatoes and onions. Absolutely delicious!! And full of flavour.
Ox Tail with Potatoes in delicious broth, this was my ultimate most favourite dish! After the meat and potatoes were finished we asked for some bread so we can dip and finish off the broth.
My friend ordered some pork ribs.
And this was the Huevos dish with sausages and potatoes. It seemed more like a breakfast dish. I absolutely loved the sausages!
After dinner we went for another stroll and saw a cathedral and a walked down a very old gothic street. It was an amazing first day….


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