Chapter 708: Snippets of Summer Break in Barcelona Day 2

My friend took us to have breakfast at a lovely cosy cafe called Casa Do Acai which was only a few blocks away from her homei. I picked out PANCAKES with berries, banana’s and Acai sauce.
My friend went for a sort of acai with fruits breakfast dish.
We both had MATCHA LATTE!! I drink this a lot, especially on the weekdays before I get into work.
My other friend ordered the omelette dish and a bottle of the best chocolate drink on earth – Cacaolat!
After breakfast we went on a little walk…
Here you can see the old bull arena, which got turned into a shopping mall.
We went through the mall and it had an interactive floor.
At the top of the mall we got to see a lovely view of the city!
Barcelona is absolutely beautiful! So Tropical that it reminded me a little of Tokushima and Naha.
We were running late and made a dash for it! Luckily we made it on the dot 12:00pm entrance to La Sagrada Familia. I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t completed yet and still in the works!
Like tall trees the church is just absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful church I had ever been to!
I became a huge fan of Gaudi…
I felt like I had entered a dream world.
Just look at the stained glass windows, so colourful…
I didn’t want to leave….
They’re still building the doors.
You can see the old vs the new on the exterior…The story speak from the outside….Gaudi’s interpretation of the bible…
Fruits on the new part…It looks so cute.
Later…We went to the seaside for a stroll…
And I had to have ice cream…mama’s cake was the best!!
I tried mama’s cake, then walnut vanilla and chocolate.
So many palm trees…and it was humid…I was drenched in sweat from head to toe…
My friend was desperate for the loo so we ran across the bridge, plus we were very late for our entry to see Gaudi’s house… She we were on the move again!
After running to the metro…running up a mountain…
We made it to see Gaudi’s House!! Very interesting museum.
The park was made up of very interesting architecture…
We had to sit down for a while as we were dying from all the running!!
There was a man playing the guitar and singer near here.
I couldn’t believe the view… and we actually made it because I felt my legs were going to break off when we were running up the steep hill!
Looks so pretty!
Barcelona has become one of my favourite cities!
So lovely!!
In the far distance is the blue sea. Seriously best of both worlds, mountains and sea.
You can almost see the castle on top of the mountain.
Yup, it was a steep route we took….Walking back down wasn’t bad at all…The same grannies were still there sitting by the benches.
We went to the market….La Boqueria.
Plenty of dried fruits…
Alcohol and and herbs…
Funny cartoons.
Macaroon icecream!!
Ham and cheese.
A lot of ham…
They had a lot of pastries that I wanted to try but we were going for dinner soon so I saved myself.
Plenty of fresh fruits…
Swirly crisps.
Seafood Paella
One of my friends didn’t want any of the seafood because she’s a picky eater, so I took it all…One of the best dishes I have ever had. Tasted amazing, the rich and tasty oysters and mussels…The sauce was thick and went so well with the rice. I could eat this everyday.
One of my friends ordered a lasagna.
My second dish was pork steak with fries…
And pudding with a hard layer of caramel. I loved this so much.
To end the night…Sangria. It was quite funny because my friend who is Spanish swore there was no alcohol and so I kept drinking it like water… Very sweet almost like Ribena.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 708: Snippets of Summer Break in Barcelona Day 2

  1. I love your new blogging format, with the short captions underneath each picture. All of these photos are beautiful but, the FOOD is standing out to me the most. Everything looks SO good! Thanks for sharing a bit of Barcelona with us, I’d love to visit there someday.

    Liked by 1 person

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