Chapter 709: Oboke Sightseeing Boat Cruise (大歩危峡観光遊覧船)

Oboke Sightseeing Boat Cruise (大歩危峡観光遊覧船)

To finish the day I went to the gorge for a lovely 30 min cruise on the river. Tickets are 1080 per adult. I was quite lucky, when I arrived there was a huge group of tourists getting off and when I went to the boarding area, I had an entire boat to myself. The member of staff on board fed an eagle pieces of bread! The eagle kept flying over for food. That was pretty cool! Apparently you may be lucky to catch a glimpse of other wildlife, like wild deers and monkeys.

The river has a very deep emerald colour making it appear to look like a giant floor of polished marble. Above, you’ll see all the beautiful koinobori, carp streamers, I’m actually not sure if it’s there all year round but they looked amazing! The tall rocks looked like pieces of art. I had a wonderful time here. The weather became a little chilly towards the end of the day but it was still worth it.


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