Chapter 718: Takayama Jinya (高山陣屋)

Takayama Jinya (高山陣屋)

A little time travel brings me to the Takayama Jinya.

It used to be a local government office but now a museum. The building is very well maintained with long hall ways, tatami mat rooms and a garden. You will have to remove your shoes and place them in a plastic bag provided at the entrance.

Next to the the main building you will see a huge storage house built during the 1600’s, they would traditionally, store rice. The building also features a lovely little museum that showcases some pretty cool artefacts from past feudal lords.

Admissions cost 430 yen per adult. I spent about a good 45 mins here, slowly exploring and avoiding the cold rain….I find old Japanese buildings very fascinating…I really enjoyed my casual visit!!


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