Chapter 719: A Rainy Day in Dublin

So I packed a small bag and on my way I went to Dublin on Saturday for a little day trip. Everything was running perfectly, no delay and no cancellations. The only thing was…It was raining for half the day!! The first place I headed for was of course…The book of Kells… On the way I saw this lovely statue of: Molly Malone, a detailed bronze statue based of a fictional fishmonger from a well known Irish song. It’s located just outside the St. Andrews Church.
The highlight of the day has to be the Book of Kells, it was like entering something like Hogwarts.
It was a very busy day with many tourists and school groups attending. But I couldn’t deny how magical it felt being surround by old books.
The statues all appeared as if they were alive and could talk to you any moment. I loved visiting here and it was very enchanting place that you have to visit at least once, if you’re in Dublin.
The street lamp has seahorses!! Pretty cool!!
For lunch I had, Irish Beef, Lamb and Pork Stew, with a side of homemade bread. One in particular I wanted to try was the soda bread, very delicious especially with the butter. Sometimes being indecisive works out well!! I got to try all the stews and it was VERY FILLING just as the staff member said. By the way the lovely restaurant I went to was called: Gallaghers Boxty House.
I think it’s like a common theme, I saw many flags…
And unusual buildings colours…
The Dublin Castle.
This castle actually brought back some memories of my trip to Brussels back in 2015.
Beautiful ceilings and decorations…
Portraits and endless chandeliers.
The dining room featured a long table.
A beautiful room…
Next I was heading out the the Guinness Storehouse Museum…
They had some horses and carriages…
The line was very long, and took about an hour to get in.
I don’t drink but because it’s such a famous place I couldn’t go without visiting once.
There was so much history throughout the storehouse. You get to learn about the entire process from start to finish.
Very cool to feel like I’m inside a factory.
TV inside a barrel
You get to see a Guinness train
I thought this was very cool, horses are one of my favourite animals and they look so cool here.
These statues are very funny.
This fish actually moves and cycles with a moving background.
All so funny and cute.
Plenty of merchandise and food….It was very very crowded, maybe because I went during a Saturday and it was the late afternoon. By the time I got to the gravity bar I couldn’t see anything but humans, it was over-crowded.
I couldn’t leave Dublin without getting my hands on a Guinness chocolate cake. I was going to goto a cafe and sit down to eat this but I decided it was better to simply take away a box and eat it at the airport before security.
The vanilla on top is mildly sweet and perfectly creamy, the cake itself is thick, dense and very chocolatey, I could smell the Guinness but not taste much of it as it blended very well with the chocolate giving it a mix between bitter and sweet., not too strong and delicious. The piece was quite big for 4.50 Euros and I didn’t regret it, although I did feel very sick whilst going through security, I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish every bite but I did and recovered quickly before the flight back home.
On the flight back there were some turbulence and I feared for my life. I get very scared but bit my lip and endured the short journey. Everything was great, only wished the weather was better but my friend told me it’s normal for it to be raining a lot. Other than that, I really liked the stews and bread varieties!! Wish I can try more different Irish foods.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 719: A Rainy Day in Dublin

  1. That looks like such a nice trip and looks like you saw many of the cool things there. Is the Book of Kells really beautiful in real life? I went to Dublin ages ago too and the weather was really rainy and cold there when I was there…I think it’s always this way, a very cool city though with a lot of history 🙂

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