Chapter 720: Takayama Sarubobo (高山さるぼぼ)

In Takayama you will most likely come across these adorable and colourful soft charms. They reminded me of Mii-Kun from How to Keep a Mummy (ミイラの飼い方), an anime I really enjoyed from start to finish. Only that, these are not the same, they are baby monkey’s used as good luck charms. Traditionally Sarubobo’s are made red , but over time they started launching different colours. They have no faces and are made to resemble a small human body. Sarubobo’s promote protection from bad omens, love and marriage, and a smooth childbirth for mothers expecting. I thought they were so cute I bought a set of 2 mini ones, although it would be cool to have a massive one!


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