Chapter 721: La Rochelle ・La Ville Blanche (the White City)

This weekend I went for a short trip to La Rochelle, which is a lovely little coastal city also known as La Ville Blanche (the White City). I started my day at the airport, I was already full from breakfast from home and wanted something to kick start the day. A pumpkin ice latte sounded quite the treat, a little sweeter than I had anticipated but quite delicious, but it doesn’t beat a simple ice latte.
I was in the middle seat waiting and waiting for the person to come so I can stand up and let them in….But no one came so I shifted myself to the vacant window set and had a beautiful view of the fluffy clouds.
We were just about to land but before touch-down the plane went back up into the sky and went right pass La Rochelle and Île de Ré. The captain said it wasn’t the usual procedure but they said due to seagulls sitting on the runway the airport staff had to scare them away before we could officially land. We were about 10-15 min late but it was ok, totally understandable reason.
La Rochelle Airport is probably one of the smallest airports I’ve ever been to. I took the 1b bus to Place de Verdun and paid 1.30 euros for the single trip.
Taking a walk to the hotel….I instantly fell in love with the city.
It was hot and the skies were so blue, air so fresh and it was quite a lively area.
The towers were very impressive to look at, each with a flag of France.
It was about 20 degrees and hot. Loved the weather, blue clear skies!!
Many many yachts on the waters with a ferris wheel on the other side.
There’s a small lighthouse behind the towers.
I absolutely loved the centre of town which had rows and rows of restaurants that goes around the port.
I came across this ship which is actually a museum.
The sunset was very lovely, it’s just so relaxing to escape working life.
I found this very cool monument of Eugène Fromentin who was a famous French painter born in la Rochelle, it’s such an impressive statue.
I was exploring the streets and found a reoccurring trend…A lot of white buildings will have arched tunnel-like walk-ways.
Pebbled streets…
Statue of Duperré 
I saw that there was an alley way…So I went up the road to have a look, it’s filled with many restaurants, cafes and even a Bubble Tea place.
This building reminded me of Den Bosch in the Netherlands.
Tower of the Lantern (La Tour de la Lanterne) it looks stunning and so beautiful.
Many building like so…will have very detailed and pretty details.
In La Rochelle there is a morning market selling fresh fruits, veggies….
Inside the building the have freshest meats…Seafood…
And fish!!
I went to a lovely restaurant near the port and ordered their fish soup which tasted SO YUMMY!
And…Of course, how can I leave the city without having their juicy oysters and sweet mussels. I was going to go to a different place to try lobster but they were not opened on a Sunday so I randomly picked a place out and it happened to be: Bar Le Bretagne. Everything was very delicious. If I had more time I would love to have also have visited Île de Ré.


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