Chapter 727: Misokatsu Yabaton (みそかつ 矢場とん)

Misokatsu Yabaton (みそかつ 矢場とん)

One of the things you can not miss when you’re in Nagoya is….MISOKATSU! Nagoya specialises in their own sauce that goes so well on top of tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork cutlet) which is one of my favourite comfort foods. The miso sauce is usually a thick dark brown colour, it has a strong taste from red soybean.

I went to the JR Nagoya Station branch during dinner time and it wasn’t too busy and I was seated very quickly. I ordered the Misokatsu set which came with salad and a bowl of rice. I couldn’t help myself so I had to add a bowl of delicious pork miso soup. Yabaton is a very popular restaurant chain around Nagoya and you can’t miss the funny pig mascot. It was a very satisfying dinner and my belly was round and full.


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