Chapter 732: Morioka Unizo Inn Express (ユニゾインエクスプレス盛岡)

Morioka Unizo Inn Express (ユニゾインエクスプレス盛岡)

A night in a budget inn, only 5 mins walk from Morioka station and was very convenient since the next morning I was taking the first train up to Aomori. The lady who served me was very lovely and took my luggage in before check-in time (15:00) so I could go out and explore the city.

One of the things I did upon checking in later that evening was to chuck my clothes in the coin laundry machine and relax for the night. There were only 2 machines available with a tumble dryer too. The room was comfy and very very quiet, the weather was looking bleak and it was going to snow, I was thankful I had packed my fluffy coat and a thick jumper just in case.

Overall, everything was perfect. I only paid 4000 yen for the room, and I enjoyed my stay.

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