Chapter 734: Sakura Trees at Morioka Castle Ruins Park (盛岡城跡公園)

One of the first things on my list to visit was to visit the Morioka Castle Ruins Park! It’s located only 20 mins by foot from the station. I knew that most places in Japan at the time already had their Sakura trees bloomed-out but, up north they always bloom a bit later. The park was filled with beautiful sakura trees in bloom, when looking up at the grey and cold skies it sort of took the away the gloomy mood. I went up the steps to see it from a better view and it looked like a forest of pink! Such a beautiful view!!


10 thoughts on “Chapter 734: Sakura Trees at Morioka Castle Ruins Park (盛岡城跡公園)

  1. A good friend of mine is a volunteer tour guide in Morioka. She took me there and if I remember correctly there used to be a statue on the top of that. I can’t remember clearly but I asked her the same thing

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