Chapter 737: Pairon Jajamen (白龍 じゃじゃ麺)

I was hungry and I was heading out for lunch, on the way to Pairon (白龍) which means White Dragon, to try some jajamen (じゃじゃ麺) which is what Morioka is famous for. Plus you can transform the dish to a soup base by cracking an egg when you’re 1/4 way done and the chef will pour some hot broth into your bowl and it’ll be called chitantan. It was a very enjoyable experience despite the cramped seating space.

Pairon is one of the famous jajamen restaurants in Morioka, a lot of people were lined up outside and I probably waited about 30-40 mins, which was well worth it, the taste wasn’t strong and leans more towards a more lighter and blander side, with a thick paste of miso on top for you mix, cucumbers and onions, ginger and pickles.


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