Chapter 739: A Short Weekend in Zaragoza

Last weekend 9th-10th November, I made a short visit to the city of Zaragoza, Spain. Ryanair was doing a cheap deal and I only paid £14.00 for my return flight from London Stanstead to Zaragoza. The flight took about 2 hours and it was well worth it. I stayed a night in a hotel inside the main station called Eurostars.

The thing I found here in Zaragoza is that, unlike Barcelona it’s much more relaxing, without the herd of crowds and it felt far more easy going, with a similar vibe I had experienced many years ago when I visited Rotterdam. However, it’s definitely a very charming city with beautiful architecture and filled with lovely people. Little cute streets, and I found vending machines that had hot dogs and burgers!!

The weather last weekend wasn’t that great though, it was so windy I almost couldn’t breathe, it started out warm-ish but during the afternoon it became very cold and icy. I had to wrap up with my fluffy scarf which I was very happy I brought with me!

On the map, Zaragoza looked small, but it’s far more bigger than I had thought. But, most of the attractions are walkable and I do love walking around a new place, because I get to see far more on foot.

I also managed to find a small little shop called Croquet Arte selling delicious croquettes! The gentlemen who served me tried to help as I only know how to say some words like hola, gracias, por favor, uno, dos, tres…Not even survival…But people were very friendly so I had no problems.

Ending my trip before heading home I went to spend my last hour at the aquarium, a) to hide from the cold and b) to see some fishes. Overall…it was a lovely weekend. Next weekend I’m going to Marseille in France…But I will keep posting my chapters of Japan from my recent trip in April – May this year…Because on the 29th of November I’m flying to Okinawa and will have a short trip to Kagoshima…


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