Chapter 740: Travel Plans For 2020

It’s getting towards that time again where the year is ending and a brand new year is just around the corner. I have booked myself in for a few trips next year and I simply CAN NOT WAIT!!

To end this year off I will be visiting:

Marseille, France -16th to 17th November 2019

Oslo, Norway – 23rd to 24th November 2019

Okinawa & Kagoshima, Japan – 29th November to 9th December 2019 (Originally I was supposed to return on the 8th but my flight was cancelled so they’ve put me on the next flight back which will be the 9th during the night. Instead of going through Incheon, South Korea….I would have to transfer in Taiwan.)

Oslo, Norway (again) – 14th – 15th December 2019 (I’ll be checking out the Christmas Market!)

Then next year, so far…

Bremen, Germany – 11th – 12th January 2020

Copenhagen, Denmark – 25th – 26th January – 2020

Budapest, Hungary – 1st – 2nd February 2020

Cologne, Germany – 21st – 22nd March 2020

Taiwan + Hokkaido, Japan- 2nd – 12th April 2020 (During the middle of my Taiwan trip I will be flying off to Hokkaido for a few days since I really wanted to go back to my favourite city, SAPPORO! In May I won’t have time to go so I wanted to fulfil a hole in my heart)

Japan – 8th – 25th May 2020

Pending – 29th – 31st August 2020 (This is the summer bank holiday weekend which I’m trying to see if I can go somewhere…I have a few ideas but it all comes down to costs…Austria, Finland or Croatia…But we shall see…)

South Korea – 15th – 27th October 2020 (Might pop into Japan again for a few days here, I still have a long way to go so I have time to plan, hurray!)

Happy Travels!!


12 thoughts on “Chapter 740: Travel Plans For 2020

  1. I hope you have a blast! Also enjoy your time in Korea. Let me know if you’ve got any questions. (There’s a 98% chance I won’t be here when you’re here T_T) I highly suggest downloading an air quality app and buying some k95 masks at a convenience store when you get here because the pollution has been getting worse and it’s usually bad around that time.

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  2. I don’t envy Europeans much, but one thing I am jealous of is the fact that you can pass through entire countries on the European continent in the same amount of time it would take to drive through a single state here in the US. In a few hours you can experience an entirely different culture, whereas for us, a few hours *might* get you to a different state where there are slightly more Waffle Houses and less IHOPs lol.

    Have fun on your trips. South Korea sounds awesome. Cheers

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