Chapter 741: Iwate Bank Red Brick Building, Former Ishii Private Residence, Nakatsu River, Morioka

Morioka is such a lovely city!! I went by the red brick building which is the Iwate bank, it stands out so much!! The building was built during 1911 and designed by Tatsuno Kingo who was a famous architect well known for also designing Tokyo Station. The Bank was closed down during 2012, now used as a multipurpose venue and museum, and quite often exhibitions and events are held here.

The Former Ishii Private Residence is a building covered in ivy, the colours will change during seasons i.e. Autumn will be golden brown and red. It’s one of the old western houses in Japan which was built during 1885 – 1886, located 20 min by foot from the station or just 10 mins from the Morioka Castle Ruins Site. I really do love buildings covered in ivy, it looks like something I’d find in a fairy tale book. And, it’s not often you’d come across something like this in Japan.

Walking around I found the Nakatsu River, I have a thing for rivers that run through cities and towns, which was why Asahikawa in Hokkaido was a favourite place for me because there’s about 130 rivers that run through the Asahikawa city and looks very lovely. The Nakatsu River runs through the city of Morioka and joins the Kitakami River. One day I would love to return to Morioka and have a nice walk around and also see the Iwate Mountain.


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