Chapter 756: An Amazing Dinner at Michinoku Matsuriya (みちのく祭り)

I was waiting for dinner time, got served some Aomori sparkling apple juice! It was so delicious!
Michinoku Matsuriya is a special restaurant, a meal with an amazing show! I was given a cool wooden fan that had a bell attached to the side. During the dance performance we can use the bell to ring support for the performers. I still have it and kept it as a souvenir!!
The atmosphere was very calming.
and… I was sat near the stage front so I had one of the best views!!
The starter came with with very tiny amounts of seafood, vinegar veggies and sauces and sides. All strong flavours.
My fav here on this dish…Had to be the veggie sticks…Whenever I’m travelling in Japan I tend to not have great access to more vegetables so I really appreciated it.
Scallops, tuna, white fish and shrimp sashimi! I love sashimi!!
I ordered a lemon sour drink simply because…I was a addicted to sour drinks…Very refreshing!
The steamed main had arrived in a tower block! And I was so excited to try many flavours.
Scallop, pork, bamboo, veggies, fish maw and of course you can’t get away from rice!! Everything here was delicious, and I did manage to finish every single thing here.
A small bow of broth came along after the meal.
Then…Dessert….Assorted fruits and strawberry cake.
Then a hot cup of strong tea!!
Then it was time for the performance, starting out with a traditional song from Aomori.
Nebuta lanterns are just so amazing…
Just look at the details…
A lot of drums, and flutes…
It got more epic as the time went by…
The dance, just love the hats!!
One of the best dinners with a show I have ever had.
Great evening with a lot of great memories. This nebuta stand looks too cool!
Upon leaving there are several other nebuta stands waiting to be admired. Check out the horse one!!!
I was actually at this moment when I was leaving, felt very very happy that I decided to come here.
Cool right? Like walking into a dream…
Overall…5/5!! Would love to return for a second time experience!!


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