Chapter 757: Breakfast at the Traditional House Nanbu Magariya (南部曲屋)

A very good morning it was. I really wanted to try some traditional Aomori breakfast and here I was at the lovely Nanbu Magariya. When I arrived it was pouring outside and it was cold. The food was all prepped and ready for me by the window….What a lovely view despite the weather. Made me feel so welcomed and calm.
Special looking dishes: Scallops boiled in delicious miso kaiyaki which is a tractional dish of Aomori. It had an egg and some veggies too. This was actually my favourite out of the lot.
The round basket of little sides carried many flavours of pickled treats.
Beautiful view…
The scallops and egg and veggies were being boiled by a candle.
Scrumptious!! The broth was just bursting with flavour, not too salty and just right.
The portion was just right, I prefer smaller portions of everything so I get the luxury to try more different dishes.
Ever tried Grilled Kokanee Salmon? It’s savoury taste plus rice makes a perfect combo!
It’s accompanied with sweet egg, radish and a lemon for flavouring.
I want more!!!
A classic! Ochazuke! which is rice soup, it had sour apricots, Japanese hornworts, cubic rice crackers and dried seaweed. I added some of the lovely salmon roe from the basket. Absolutely delicious I could have seconds!
For dessert, Amazake Jelly and assorted fruits on top with whipped cream.
Fermented rice hot drink.
And….The morning apple soy milk drink – I have to say this was SO DELICIOUS!!!
After breakfast I was scheduled to go on a horse + carriage ride around Aomoriya. It will come with fresh mocha you can grill inside the carriage.
The restaurant was very pretty!! And authentic. Not busy at all…Peaceful.
Grilled fish!!
Rain rain…It just didn’t go away…
5/5 breakfast course. One of the best…And I want to return once more!! Great experience overall and I definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re staying in Aomoriya.


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