Chapter 758: Hana Yori Dango Horse Carriage (花より団子馬車)

Let the fun begin!! I went on a little ride around Aomoriya on a horse and carriage. This is a special carriage because you can grill some mochi whilst you enjoy the view -lack of view- because it was pouring down when I was here. But hurray! I love horses and was very very excited.
It was a short ride…I think it was about 30 mins but well worth it. The price for 1 per is 1,200 Yen. I think 1 carriage fits about 8 people max.
The river! I’m sure it’ll look much better in spring and summer.
I was sharing the carriage with other hotel guests and you can even get some hot tea!!
My stick of mochi.
We all started heating it up on the fire.
Hot tea is the best on such a cold day!! Soothes my soul. It was a fun little experience…Because after this I would have about an hour-ish before my shuttle coach comes to get me to take me back to Hachinohe Station.


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