Chapter 759: On the way to Aomori

On to the next city…I had to go from Hachinohe Station to Shin-Aomori Station then Aomori Station. Which was the quickest route and took about 40 mins in total via the JR which is covered by the JR Pass. Alternatively there is a direct train, via the Aoimori Tetsudo Local line which will take about 1 hr 30 mins.
All Shinkansen train up north like Hayate or Hayabusa will require you to book a seat in advance, if you a JR pass it will be covered but you do have to pop by the JR office to get a ticket.
It was so cold…so luckily there were vending machines on the platform and I grabbed a hot milk coffee.
I arrived at Shin-Aomori!! The station is filled with many cool look Nebuta!
Like this!! Too cool!!
And this one!!
Not sure who he is but there was a pretty big balloon figure by the doors!
Right…Setting out my journey…I went directly to my hotel first to drop off my luggage then…
I walked to the most important place of freaking cool lanterns!! The Nebuta Museum!


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