Chapter 762: Last Year I went to the Hirosaki Sakura Festival

Hirosaki is one of the top 7 most popular places to catch the bloom of cherry blossoms each year. Because it’s up north, the blooming starts a little later than other places in Japan. Around the castle there are about 2600 Cherry Blossom trees so when it’s in full bloom it’s like a pink paradise.

On the day I went was during the end of April last year, it was chilly, windy, miserable and rainy, but it didn’t stop people from visiting. It’s definitely one of the most nicest parks around. With the word SAKURA stuck in my mind all day….I was extremely happy to be able to see, experience and explore!!

My original plan was to stay in Hirosaki for a night or 2 but the Ryokan I wanted to stay at which was located near the castle didn’t get back to me in time, so I had to booked myself in for a night at the Aomori Super Hotel and indeed it was super…I’ll chat more about that in a later post. Plus it was during the busy season so a lot of places were either sold out of rooms or they have bumped up the prices. Better try to book early.

Oh! don’t forget to catch the 100 yen bus! It runs in a loop from the station and stops by the park entrance, it also stops at other locations around town. It runs very frequently, every 10 mins and because of the festival, it was very very busy when going to the park…But coming back…it was quiet on the bus BUT the train station was packed with long lines of people trying to get home. Overall, it was a wonderful time!!


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