Chapter 767: Hakodate Port & Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

Oh finally I made it to Hokkaido! My favourite region of Japan!

I quickly went to my hotel to drop off my luggage, I had a few places I listed on my phone that I would like to visit and, the port area is one of them, plus it was near my hotel. It was such a lovely day that it felt like early summer, although it was in the middle fo spring.

Hakodate port is very famous because it was one of the first international trading ports in Japan that opened in 1859. The red bricked buildings are the Kanemori warehouses…I’m not sure if it’s still running any warehousing businesses but you can’t miss it because it stands out like a sore thumb.

There were a lot of fishing boats here, and you can take a sightseeing cruise ride. I was going to go check out the view on-board but the timing wasn’t great for me so I decided to skip that and head out to the cape which was on my list! Sometimes things you have to settle as things don’t match up, and always have a plan B, plan C…Just in case.


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