Chapter 770: Cape Tachimachi (立待岬)

Cape Tachimachi (立待岬) also known as Yokoushi in the Ainu language which translates as: The place where people stand and catch fish. The cape is one of Hakodate’s scenic spots. From Motomachi park it is just over half an hour walk depending on your speed.

The nearest tram station is Yachigashira Station (谷地頭駅) and from there it’s about a 15 min walk. On the way you will encounter many graves, one in particular is of Ishikawa Takuboku and His Family, who was a famous Japanese poet.

On the day, it was very sunny with beautiful skies but the temperate was causing me to be confused. One minute it was hot, the next cold. When I was at the cape it was a bit of both, windy but very peaceful as there were no people around. Only a black crow. I remember there being a little shop that sold ice cream and snacks. There’s a car park nearby too. I love visiting places like this…

So beautiful, calming and refreshes my mind. Definitely worth the visit, especially on a lovely day.


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