Chapter 771: Lunch at Hakodate Uni Murakami (函館 うに むらかみ)

Small Uni and Crab Don Set (うにかに丼Sサイズセット)
Look at the quality of the uni! The crab was sweet and juicy. Absolutely love this set. I picked the small sized don only because I wanted to try other things. You can choose between small or large, which I think is amazing because in the past I’ve visited other restaurants and they only had 1 size.
The miso soup was also very delicious and not salty at all. Full of flavour.
Uni Tempura (うにの天ぷら) I hate to admit it but I love fried foods, I ordered a dish of tempura which ad uni and pumpkin. Lightly crisp, and delicious!!
Uni Daifuku (うに大福) Actually not as sweet as I thought it would be. Very mild favour.
Uni Gratin (うにグラタン) probably my favourite…very creamy and slightly sweet. This was on the popular menu and it’s served in a sea urchin shell!
Seriously If I have a bigger stomach I would order more things to try! I was extremely satisfied and full!

My favourite little restaurant in Hakodate, there’s a branch in Sapporo too and now there’s one more at the station. This one is the main branch located near morning market. Murakami specialises in serving the best uni! (Sea Urchin) which is one of my favourite types of seafood. The line was long, I waiting for an hour to get in. As it’s a small restaurant, and very popular, so it was understandable…I waited happily.

My dishes came very quick and everything was delicious and perfect. I really wished I had a bigger stomach so I can try more things. I would love to come back in the future and go for other uni dishes. 5/5.


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