Chapter 775: The Statue of Takadaya Kahei (高田屋嘉兵衛銅像)

The Statue of Takadaya Kahei (高田屋嘉兵衛銅像)

A historic figure who contributed to the growth and development of Hakodate city through trading. I actually didn’t know there was a museum called: Hakodate Takadayakahei Shiryoukan (箱館高田屋嘉兵衛資料館) located only about a 5 min walk from the Jujigai tram stop. So I passed it without knowing and only found out about it online. A big regret for not visiting to check out some interesting history and seeing some cool artefacts. But, maybe next time when I go back to Hakodate I’ll have it on my list.


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