Chapter 778: Hakodate Winning Hotel (函館ウイニングホテル)

I spent a night at the Hakodate Winning Hotel. This was my window view! Absolutely gorgeous with the mountain view, unfortunately I didn’t get the bay view which would be lovely. But, the mountain view is very refreshing, during the morning it was probably the best thing to wake me up to another beautiful day.
I slept like a baby. The bed so so comfortable and the sheets were silky smooth…It was so quiet at night and simply the best.
A little extra on the labelling of the toilet to ensure you know, the toilet is clean. I usually trust that the facilities and all is clean anyway. It has got a good shower and deep bath tub. I love Japanese toilets and Japanese bath tubs…
Very spacious sink area with a large mirror. The room came with all the typical amenities.
and a free mobile phone for guests to use during their stay! I’ve used one before but at a different hotel in Sapporo for a longer stay. It’s very convenient and has a better camera than my own phone. My stay was overall 5/5, a bit pricy…
11,350 Yen. Although my booking was supposed to ask for payment upon arrival, they didn’t ask for payment until I checked out. I had a great short stay, plus it’s a short walk to the tram stop. Would definitely return.


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