Chapter 782: Sapporo Ramen Street And Miso Butter Corn Ramen at Higuma

In Sapporo there’s a famous little alley called the Ramen Street. It’s located only about a 3 min walk from Susukino station. When I arrived at the narrow alley, it looked quite busy and there were plenty of restaurants to choose from. I already knew exactly what I wanted to try…SAPPORO MISO BUTTER CORN RAMEN! I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while and couldn’t wait!

I decided to line up at Higuma, it was such a tiny little restaurant, everyone sat very closely around the table whilst 1 chef did everything in the middle of the room, took the orders, cooked the food, took payment, and cleaned up. The line outside was pretty long, I waited for about 30 mins but in the end…It was well worth it! My bowl was just the regular size and it costs 950 Yen. For the large portion it’s 1050 Yen. I was absolutely stuffed….This was so delicious I still remember the taste like it was just yesterday!


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