Chapter 783: Nakajima Park (中島公園)

Located down town in Sapporo. My pictures don’t look it but it was very very busy when I visited last year during golden week. The closest tram stop is: Nakajimakoendori Station (中島公園通駅) and the nearest subway is: Nakajimakoen Station (中島公園駅).

I took a lovely short stroll around the park. I managed to explore more of the north side, if I had more time I’ll walk down to the south to see the Yahiko Shrine, and Taga Shrine, there’s also a tennis court down further south of the park near Horohirabashi Station (幌平橋駅). And also the Literature Museum located on the north east side.

There’s a lovely blue and white historical house called Hoheikan (豊平館). The building was built in 1880, designed by the architect Kiko Adachi, and was used as a guest house to accommodate foreign dignitaries. Another interesting fact is that emperors from the Meiji, Taisho and Showa era stayed at the Hoheikan during their visit to Sapporo.

There’s the Sapporoshi Observatory (札幌市天文台) located on the other side of the river from Hoheikan. As far as I’m aware, it’s free of charge to enter but closed on Mondays and during stormy weather, and it’s opened only in the morning on Tuesdays. Opening times are usually 10am-12pm then reopens again at 2pm – 4pm.

It was a very relaxing stroll, especially down the river because there’s a lot of cute little fishes. And because it was late April, some trees still had cherry blossoms!


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