Chapter 788: The Sapporo Beer Museum (サッポロビール博物館)

The Sapporo Beer Museum (サッポロビール博物館)

Although I’m not a fan of drinking beer, it’s like going to Dublin, you just can not miss their beer Museum. So when you’re in Sapporo, the Beer Museum is a pretty cool place to visit. Sapporo beer is one of the oldest and most popular beer brand in Japan since 1877. The Museum was opened during 1987. Entry is free, however if you wish to go for a beer tasting session you can do that at the end of your visit for a fee. Also, next to the museum is the Sapporo Beer Garden which has a few restaurants. Most people go for the beer and Genghis Khan (BBQ Mutton) which is absolutely delicious!


14 thoughts on “Chapter 788: The Sapporo Beer Museum (サッポロビール博物館)

  1. I think I remember a post from you going to Dublin before, is that right? did you go to the Guiness Museum and write about it? This building for Sapporo Museum looks so beautiful, very European in style, and with the cherry blossoms, it looks really lovely

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  2. Are people still out and about in Japan at this time? You don’t have a lockdown? Museums and other public places aren’t closed? Wow. I didn’t make it to this factory while in Sapporo but you’ve taken lovely pictures.

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      1. No I didn’t post again. I had to sort out my photos and post accordingly so it took some time. After this trip …I still have my december 2019 okinawa and kagoshima trip to sort out 🙂 Will keep posting thank you.


      2. I love Kagoshima and once things are safe again, I definitely recommend going to Okinawa. Such a beautiful place all over and so much to offer. It was my second trip last dec, and I can not forget how amazing it was because I also visited Ishigaki and a few small islands…The blue waters and sun
        🙂 Thank you, take care.


  3. I also visited here during the Rugby World Cup. It’s a fantastic museum and so well done with interpretation available in a number of different languages. Like you, I’m not a beer drinker, but I really enjoyed learning about the history and cultural heritage related to beer in Japan. My favourite part was all the beautifully illustrated old beer posters. We also toured the Asahi factory nearby and other art galleries, museums and gardens in Sapporo.

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