Chapter 790: I Finally Went Up The Sapporo TV Tower

Every time I was in Sapporo I would avoid going up the tower. But, I finally decided to go there to have a look at the view. I spend about 40 mins in the tower, the admission fee is 720 Yen per adult and once you’re up there, a member of staff will try to get you to pose for a picture and then later they’ll ask if you want to buy it for a small fee. It wasn’t too busy on the day, and the view was very pretty – Just in time for the sunset.

The mascot is quite an interesting one. He’s called Terebi Tosan (テレビ父さん) Television Dad, who looks more like a red chilly to me than the tower itself but, funny looking. He’s got the expression of being very relaxed and happy. In the tower shop there’s a lot of merchandise, and Terebi Tosan even has his own little shrine!

Overall, a very good experience. The view especially, was fantastic. Got to see the whole of Odori Park.


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