Chapter 798: Otaru Mt. Tenguyama (小樽天狗山)

Otaru Mt. Tenguyama (小樽天狗山)

This was one of the highlights of my trip last year. Otaru is definitely one of my favourite places in Hokkaido, apart from the city I really wanted to go up the mountain to catch a wonderful view. I love mountains and the view from above, it’s extremely satisfying and enjoyable. From Otaru Station in front of the ticket machines, there is a bus bound for Tenguyama, which is the last stop. The bus journey is less than 25 mins each way. When you get off, you can go directly to the rope way entrance.

It costs a little more than 1000 Yen for an adult ticket roundtrip. The rope way takes a short 5 minute ride from the base to the peak of Mount Tengu. The view is so refreshing, you get to see Otaru from above and stretching out to the distance is the Sea of Japan. There is a shrine that you can visit, I don’t think anyone can miss the red head Tengu statue. There’s also a hiking area, and a museum that has a room filled with red tengu masks, a shop and restaurant….also a sled ride which was closed when I visited.

Worth the visit if you’re in Otaru! It was still chilly around last year April with some snow here and there. Best to wear something warm.


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