Chapter 799: Covid-19 and My Change of Plans 2020

Right! Here’s an update on my travel plans.

My April trip to Taiwan and Hokkaido has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 breakout. My May trip to mainland Japan doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I gave up on going to Cologne recently and Austria in late April doesn’t look too good either.

My trip to Croatia in August/September is pending. Then there’s also my trip to South Korea in Mid October….Thank goodness I didn’t book a trip to see my friend in Spain because I didn’t get a chance to go during Christmas so I was going to book something around Spring. She’s well and we are keeping in touch, she couldn’t leave the city to go back home to her family which is very frustrating.

We are still on lock down at the moment. But, I’m working from home so it isn’t too bad. Naturally I’m an introvert so staying home doesn’t affect me as much as some of my friends. I have my Nintendo Switch, Otome Games and Pokemon Games, Manga, Anime, and the internet. All is good at the moment. I shall try not think too much of it, and really really hope things will get better for the world. My heart pours out to all the healthcare workers, they are our true heroes!

By the way, I got this ditto pikachu figure from my friend many years ago when he went to Japan to visit family and decided to spend some coins on a Pokemon gachapon. And I got Mimikyu myself during my 2nd visit to Japan back in 2017 at KIX. I thought it’ll lighten the mood…as I’m super upset with the situation as so many people became victims of this virus, it’s scary but we must put health and safety first before anything else.

Take care. I shall keep posting about my travels from last year and early Jan and Feb of this year. Trying to catch up with sorting out all my photos so I can post accordingly. Once that’s done I can then finally move onto posting about my December 2019 trip to Okinawa and Kagoshima!! When I close my eyes I can picture it as if it was yesterday. I could feel happiness through my travel photos and would always go back to them when I’m down.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 799: Covid-19 and My Change of Plans 2020

  1. It has been such a big change in such a short time, I have cancelled plans also, and although initially disappointing, I am now feeling relieved to be at home and so sad for all the people that have been affected. I look forward to reading more about your travels. Take care and stay safe.

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