Chapter 800: Why I find Handkerchiefs Super Important When Travelling in Japan?

I’ve been to Japan many times and there’s just one thing that has always bugged me. This may come across as a big shock to some people. I find that a lot of public toilets do not provide any soap, hand dryers or paper hand towels. It always amazes me to see how lovely the streets are, unlettered and just so clean. Although public toilets are usually very clean and don’t smell bad when compared the ones back home in London (Memory-Shield-Block-Activated). But still, the the basic necessities in many public toilets are missing.

Majority of modern public toilets will have soap and dryers, but when you’re travelling around Japan, whether you’re in a city, or the countryside, human nature will call upon the power of pee and poop, so don’t be surprised if you have nothing to wash or dry your hands with, at least there is a sink and tap water. I’ve also been in toilets where they didn’t even have warm/hot water, on a cold day my soul would cry. Not only is it good to carry your own handkerchief or small hand towel, but I always have a bottle of hand sensitiser in my bag – just in case…you know!

Maybe things will change.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 800: Why I find Handkerchiefs Super Important When Travelling in Japan?

  1. In the US, they sell tiny packs of soap sheets for camping. I always take them with me to Japan, so when there isn’t soap, I can use one. It was definitely a weird observation I made after my first trip, so I always make sure I’m prepared, too!

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    1. That’s very very handy!! I’ve never seen soap sheets before, especially not in the UK. It’s a very very good idea! I have a 100ml plastic bottle, I can fill it up with liquid hand soap and put it in my travel bag 🙂

      Now I want soap sheets 🙂

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