Chapter 802: Dinner at the Sapporo Kani Honke, Susukino (札幌かに本家 すすきの店)

2 years ago when I first visited Sapporo I was walking around the streets and came across a restaurant that had a big moving crab on their building, but I didn’t have time to go in as I was on the way to Tomamu. Last year when I revisited the city I made it a mission to go in and get myself some delicious meal from the same restaurant. Not knowing the name or anything, I referred to it as the BIG CRAB. It was busy and all the rooms were pretty much booked up (Yes, you get a private room so don’t worry about eating like a piggy), it’s best to make a reservation in advance to ensure you don’t have to wait too long.

An elderly couple came in around the same time as me, but they didn’t want to wait so they left but returned again a few seconds later to negotiate if they can make a reservation for tomorrow anytime? But unfortunately the restaurant confirmed they were fully booked up so they decided to leave for good.

There was however, a very unpleasant situation that happened where one customer was yelling very very loud at the staff members saying in english ‘WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT?’ I remember this very clearly because I texted my family and friends about how rude this woman was as she acted like she was entitled to everything, throwing a tantrum like a child as she kept standing up from her seat yelling. In the end the woman finally left. Thank goodness.

The gentlemen who served me told me my wait might be around 1 hour, I told him that I’m happy to wait, so he gave me a number card, but in actual fact I only waited less than 15 mins. And I was so happy. I didn’t mind waiting 1 or 2 hours because I knew I was going to eat delicious food!

Right, I went for the Kanisuki Crab Course for 5000 yen. The hot pot is just simply perfect for a cold night. Once I was seated there would be a member staff assigned to my room to prepare and cook each course, they would leave a few times to let me eat in peace and return to proceed to the next course. I think my favourite was definitely the hot pot with delicious crab meat, and the egg with rice porridge. I was very very happy with the level of service and the meal was so yummy. I would love to return when I’m back in Sapporo again!


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