Chapter 808: Matsuo Genghis Khan (松尾ジンギスカン)

I told myself I will eat Genghis Khan again when I’m in Hokkaido. Because I was busy travelling around to different areas of the country, even when I was in Hokkaido I didn’t make anytime to go eat some. I will always remember my time in Tomamu where I tried it for the first time. Chapter 536.

But luckily, last year when I was at Shin-Chitose Airport going to Sendai, I found out that was a nice restaurant in the food court area called Matsuo Genghis Khan (松尾ジンギスカン). I was in a very giddy mood and waited for them to open…I think they opened around 10am. I ordered the Genghis Khan set which came with miso soup, a bow of rice and a lot of onions and bean sprouts and some peas. All was very very delicious.


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