Chapter 812: Shin-Chitose to Sendai via ANA

Sendai was a place of interest for a very long time. I decided to take a one way flight from Shin-Chitiose to Sendai last year. Although my plan was a short one it would become a great experience. ANA always has great deals when you book early via their Super Value (ANA Discover JAPAN) ticket options. I paid only £40.20 (approx 5000 Yen) so it was definitely a bargain. Plus the journey was only 1hr! The skies that day were unfortunately very cloudy and windy. The mascot of Sendai is Musubimaru (むすび丸 ), pretty cute! They had a big plush go around and around on the baggage carousel. My plan was to goto the hotel and drop off my luggage first and head out on an adventure!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 812: Shin-Chitose to Sendai via ANA

  1. I fly more domestically in Japan than most people (who opt for Shinkansen), because it’s so much easier — and often cheaper (esp if you know about the Discover Japan fares — it even applies to flights to Okinawa!). Tho sometimes the airports are a bit out of the way (ie Hiroshima).

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    1. Me too! I love domestic travel in Japan. It can be cheaper too. And the connections are really good, And yes!! I went to Okinawa and Kagoshima in December, I used mainly ANA to get me there. Also they can get you to small islands, Naha to ishigaki for-example, short journey and one of the best places I’ve been to. I find domestic flight travel in Japan not stressing and easy, efficient and if you have a window seat, you get to usually board first so when others come, you don’t need to ask someone to stand up or wait for people to sit down so they can stop blocking your path.

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      1. It’s really fast, even when you need to check a bag. The airport limo buses are usually pretty good but for places like Hiroshima it’s a little far. Fukuoka is the best, the airport is like right downtown…


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