Chapter 816: Gyutan Senmon-ten Tsukasa (牛タン専門店 司)

Gyutan Senmon-ten Tsukasa (牛タン専門店 司)

This restaurant is very close to Sendai Station, literally across the road. When I arrived there were already at least 30 people lined up ahead of me, so I quickly joined the line, very soon the line stretched down the road behind me.

Tsukasa is a popular place to grab some, GYUTAN! OX / BEEF TONGUE is a famous dish in Sendai and I just couldn’t miss it. Even though the opening time for dinner is: 5pm, people like myself went early. Plus this was during last years Golden Week so it was expected to be busy!

I ordered a plate of gyutan, rice and ox tail soup. And also a glass of sour soda. I don’t know why but I do love sour stuff. The meat is thicker and firmer than Kobe Beef. It was so delicious!!! If I had a bigger stomach I would call for seconds. The soup was perfect, I really enjoy clear broth, it’s like something my mum would always make. The meal was so satisfying I had a fat happy face after I was done.

If you’re in Sendai you have to try Gyutan!!


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